We are SaaS Super-Users – for everything from Research and Project Management to Data Collection, Deep Analytics, Digital Asset Management, Newsletter Broadcasting, and Graphic Design.

Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)—also known as cloud-based software—is becoming increasingly popular, replacing the need for traditional on-premise software and hardware.

At Accolades, we are super-users of multiple SaaS services and have been for over a decade. We track and trial software and only choose to use the very best solutions.

SaaS solutions allow us to streamline the supports we offer to clients and undertake projects of scale that we otherwise couldn’t undertake – as effectively or as speedily.

Note: We can also set up SaaS systems for clients either within hours or a couple of days. This can be a powerful and inexpensive means of systemising for effectiveness and impact.

Here are a few of the things we can do deploying one or more SaaS services:

Research Surveys: We can undertake online consumer or B2B surveys using various systems that allow us to get unlimited feedback, deeply analyse the returning data, and visually present the findings.

Data Analytics: We can analyse millions of pieces of information within minutes for single questions and within a couple of hours for more complex data that require cross-tabulations for best understanding.

Project Management and Collaboration: We can use simple and powerful project management tools that make collaboration easy – proven tools that are used by progressive businesses of all sizes to manage projects of any scale.

Data Collection: We can use data collection systems, using online forms and databases, to capture information from within companies or from third parties.

Digital Asset Management: We have systems that allow you to store, preview, and share digital files – photos, video, logos, pdfs, documents and more. We can also set up your system.

eNewsletters: We can create your branded eNewsletters and broadcast them to any number of customers – once they are verifiably opting in to receive them.