Your brand identity can help to get you noticed and remembered. Below are some recent brands we have worked on.

The terms branding, brand and brand identity are sometimes mistakingly interchanged, but they are very different.

  • Your Brand is how people perceive your business. It's your earned reputation. You can only shape this over time, based on your products, services and values.
  • Branding are the actions you take to create a specific image for your company.
  • Your Brand Identity is the set of visual elements associated with your brand, that people will recognise and which differentiates you from others. 

Below, are just some of the businesses we have worked with to help shape their brand identity.  In most cases, we have helped to apply their new brand identity to their promotional collateral and other aspects of their business.


Project: a brand refresh for DigiClare Hubs

Client: DigiClare, Clare County Council


DigiClare provides a county-wide network of flexible and affordable hot desks and co-working spaces where individuals and small teams can work, nearer to where they live. The project was, working with the DigiClare Team, to refresh the brand identity in advance of 2021/2022 promotional campaigns to reach a wider audience. The visual identity is now being applied to all aspects of the network's promotion and development.





Project: A new brand identity for Loop Head Lighthouse

Client: The Tourism Department, Clare County Council


Loop Head Lighthouse is currently undergoing major development as a visitor experience. As part of this, Accolades Marketing worked with the Tourism Team in Clare County Council to assist in helping to develop a new visual identity for the project. 




Project: a new brand and brand identity for Gardens of Ireland

Client: Heritage Island


Heritage Island is a marketing group representing Ireland's Premier Visitor Attractions. Their membership includes a number of Ireland's very best visitor gardens. They required a separate brand identity for their Gardens of Ireland project.




Project: a name change and a new identity for Visitor International - the International Association of Visitor Information Providers

Client: Visitor International – The International Association of Visitor Information Providers


The International Association of Professional Brochure Distributors (IAPBD) was established in 1975 as a grouping of top-level visitor brochure distributors in North America, Europe and other parts of the world. After 40 years, the members decided to change its name to reflect the broadening role members played in disseminating information to visitors through print and digital. Accolades worked with the group in selecting a new name - Visitor International – The International Association of Visitor Information Providers. We also helped to create a new visual identity and branding for the group.






Project: a new natural fruit beverage brand

Client: Attyflin Estate


Attyflin Estate creates authentic natural award-winning natural fruit beverages, under the Attyflin Estate brand. Accolades Marketing worked with the team to create a new brand identity and branded collateral including their website and publications.