The Power of Brochures

In an age when customers are being bombarded with information from social media, emails, pop-ups and news sources, it is difficult for any one media source to fully captivate attention. However, visitor brochures stand out and are more likely to win the battle for attention and to hold that attention. Here are 12 reasons why well-designed and carefully targeted visitor brochures (or any brochures) are powerful.

1. Visitor Brochures are ever-present, influencing at the point of decision

Visitor Brochures are an extremely effective promotional tool. Provided your distribution is carefully targeted, brochures are always there, influencing visitors typically at the point of decision – just when they are actively considering where to go, what to do, see and enjoy. Well-designed brochures, displayed prominently, proudly present your product or service 24/7.


2. Visitors select brochures by choice – that’s guaranteed interest, attention, and higher conversion rates!

When visitors pick your brochure from a display stand, the very act of choosing means they are more likely to visit, engage, or buy from you. Viewing an advertisement online can often be fleeting and soon forgotten. In contrast, picking a brochure means you have captured a visitor’s attention. In to-days message-saturated environment, where each person’s attention is finite, that’s invaluable. When compared to other media choices brochures, because they are chosen out of interest, means a higher percentage of lookers convert to bookers and buyers.


3. Visitor Brochures mean a 100% opt-in rate!

When a visitor picks up a brochure, without ticking any box, they are opting in to receive whatever message you choose to present to them. 


4. Brochures represent soft power and are more trusted

In an age where consumers are over-saturated with pushed emails, tweets, pop-ups, notifications, and advertisements - visitor brochures are less pushy and more personal. Research also confirms brochures are a more trusted form of information, compared to online content.


5. Brochures allow you to present just the right amount of information, attractively and creatively

You can tell your story in a well-designed brochure, precisely as you want to. You can provide compelling reasons to visit or buy, and you can end with a call to action. You can also include coupons, discounts or provide other incentives to prompt a visit or a purchase.


6. Dependable, always available and easy read

Visitors are not always online. Even if they have a smartphone with them, brochures are easy to pick up and easy to read, at any time or anywhere. They are not dependent on digital connections. In a recent survey, 81% said they prefer to read print on paper, rather than online.


7. Brochures have a physical presence and are brand builders

A printed brochure makes your product or service more tangible to visitors. They are an ever-present physical reminder of your business. They are proven brand builders.


8. Brochures engage

Because brochures and maps are made for sharing; concierges, front desk staff, and travel advisors use them to engage, inform and guide visitors. In a recent study by Visitor International (in the USA and Europe) hospitality professionals overwhelmingly favoured the use of print media to assist guests in their properties.


9. Brochures engage more senses and heighten awareness

Brochures are tactile and engage far more senses than online. Print engages sight, touch, sound (turning the page), and even smell (fresh print). This means the impact of your message is heightened and it is also retained in the visitor’s memory for longer. It’s also why print is powerful in presenting and reinforcing your brand.


10. Neuroscience says information read on paper is more considered

Neuroscience studies support the view that reading on-screen tends to be faster and more superficial while reading on paper is deeper and more considered. Digital readers are also more prone to online distractions, while brochure readers are more focused, absorb information better and have better recall. They are therefore better positioned to quickly make an informed decision to book or buy from you.


11. Brochures are cost-effective

Brochures are cost-effective, particularly relative to the business they deliver. Print and distribution costs are very competitive, and the price per brochure keeps going down as the brochure volume goes up.


12. Combining print and digital is the smart strategy

Brochures and digital media can easily complement each other. Brochures can help drive traffic to your website or social media pages. QR codes on your brochure enable visitors to link directly via mobile phone to the appropriate page on your website where you can present more information or incentives to visit or buy. Research in Ireland indicates that most visitors who pick up a brochure go online to find out more information or to visit or buy.


The Bottom Line

Having a well-designed brochure, professionally distributed and displayed where visitors frequent, and that connects to your digital presence, will ALWAYS give you an edge against competition that relies on electronic communications alone