Here are a few things to know about Accolades Marketing

  • We are a small company (a badge we always wear!), but with extensive marketing experience, particularly in Tourism, Leisure, Consumer, and Business-to-Business Marketing. We set out to impact by delivering or influencing sharply-focused marketing initiatives in a range of fields that can help our clients meet their objectives.
  • Our tagline ‘a sharper edge’ defines us and is what we aim to bring to every project we undertake.
  • We are action-orientated. Our real strength, and the emphasis of Accolades Marketing, is in assisting or delivering actual projects and outcomes. We can also advise clients on any aspect of their marketing but, where possible, we prefer to follow through to implementation.   
  • We particularly like to be challenged to path-find, bring forward, and implement creative and impactful marketing initiatives that deliver business.
  • We put great emphasis on understanding any challenge presented to us. We listen attentively to our clients (who know their business best!). We probe and research to achieve that understanding. This approach enables sharper responses.
  • When we produce reports, studies or analyses, we like them to be sharp and concise. We don’t produce weighty tomes that often seek to impress by volume rather than substance - they are time-consuming to produce (and therefore costly to you) and often distracting. We believe reports should be clear, and provide options and recommendations based on sharp analysis.
  • We are small (there’s the badge again!). Therefore, unlike large agencies, we don’t employ niche specialists in-house to add to our cost base. Such fixed costs would ultimately have to be passed on to our clients. Instead, we embrace the new future of work; we have all the experience and skills to effectively direct any one or more from our proven panel of ’best in class’ specialists and bring them to bear, as required, upon any project to achieve the best client outcomes. These may be graphic designers, publishers, printers, exhibition and display contractors, web developers, or Emarketing practitioners and more.
  • We are practical and are very easy to work with. However, we are quite direct and we often (respectfully) challenge thinking.
  • Our fees may not be the lowest, but they are always fair and represent value. We don’t take on projects we can’t deliver on. Thankfully, we are often busy and therefore may decline business because of pressure on time or other reasons, when we believe this to be in the best interest of potential clients.
  • When we commit, we deliver.


Accolades Marketing - what's with the name?


When we set up Accolades Marketing in 2005 we choose the name 'Accolades' to reflect the type of clients we wanted to work with – companies that had real ambition and wanted their products and services to be the very best….and to be "Accoladed" by their customers for this reason.


The history of the word "Accolades" is interesting. People typically have to work hard and "stick their neck out" to earn accolades, and this is as it should be. 


Accolade was borrowed into English in the 16th century from French. The French noun in turn derives from the verb accoler, which means "to embrace," and ultimately from the Latin term collum, meaning "neck." (Collum is also an ancestor of the English word collar.) When it was first borrowed from French, accolade referred to a ceremonial embrace that once marked the conferring of knighthood. The term was later extended to any ceremony conferring knighthood (such as the more familiar tapping on the neck and shoulder area with the flat part of a sword's blade), and eventually extended to honours or awards in general.


The primary current sense 'a congratulatory expression of approval' came later, circa 1852, and it is now the recognised word for "praise", "award", or "honour".

Going back to the origin of the word, in centuries past, upon the conferring of knighthood ("the Accolade"), young knights were free to go forward in their quest of adventure for good, with armour on their backs, spurs on their heels, and with a sword, shield, and lance ready to hand. At Accolades Marketing, we love working with, and supporting, clients with this same philosophy!