Marketing Strategies

The main difference between a successful marketing campaign and an unsuccessful one is the marketing strategies behind them. We can help.

Visual Identity Creation

A wonderful visual identity doesn't just support your brand, it elevates it. We can help to have it created to powerfully represent your brand.

Brand Application

Your branding should help present you to the world, differentiate you from your competition, and encourage people to engage with you. We can help!

Promotional Publications

We can help you produce high-quality print and digital promotional publications that will SELL your product or services. 

Advertising Campaigns

They say half of all advertising spend is wasted. For most businesses, it is more than that. We can help shape promotional campaigns that deliver.

Insightful Research

We call research projects not acted upon... 'paper'. We have the online research tools and the ability to deliver insightful results that inform actions.

Photo Shoots

Great photos sell and are an investment. Poor photos are not neutral, they can 'unsell' you. We can guide creative shoots that provide you with strong images.

Marketing Audits

Would you like us to critique your marketing?  We give honest feedback and will make recommendations - which we can often help to implement if required.

Data Analytics

We have the online analytical tools and the experience to deep-dive into sales, marketing and internet data, to give sharp insights.

Website Development

Your website represents you to the world. It sells or unsells you. We can guide the process from concept to delivery of a top-class website. 

Digital Asset Management

A Digital Asset Management system will help you organize and share your digital content such as photos, documents, creative files, audio and video clips. We can help set it up.


eNewsletters are a powerful means of communication - provided you have opt-in audiences. We can help with every aspect - from software set-up and content to 'send'.

Creative Path Finding

We like to be challenged to path-find, bring forward, and help implement creative and impactful marketing initiatives that deliver business.

Digital Drive

We can help with aspects of your digital strategy - eNewletters, digital brochures, online bookings, digital asset management, websites and social media.

Content Management

We have data collection and project management systems or can help you set up yours. We can also help with content creation and management.

Why Choose Accolades Marketing?

We are an action-orientated company. Our real strength, and the emphasis of Accolades Marketing, is in assisting or delivering actual projects and outcomes. We can also advise clients on any aspect of their marketing, but we prefer to implement where possible. We make things happen.   

We are a small company. Therefore, unlike large agencies, we don’t employ niche specialists that only add to our cost base, bring rigidity to style, and incur costs that ultimately have to be passed on. Instead, we have all the experience and skills to either do it all ourselves or direct one or more from our proven panel of ’best in class’ specialists and bring them to bear, if required, upon any project to achieve the best client outcomes.

Our fees may not be the lowest, but they are always fair and represent value. Typically, they are well below the rates of larger agencies that are burdened with much higher overheads. 


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