Web Addresses - our crusade!

Accolades Marketing produce LOTS of publications featuring the web addresses of thousands of businesses. Almost all businesses provide us with their web addresses in lower case.  WHY?


Websites are NOT case sensitive up to, and including, the “.ie”, ".com" (or ".org" or ".net", etc.).  See the Rule below.

So, which web address is easiest to read?

Obviously, www.DiscoverIrelandOffers.com is the easiest to read. Using capital letters within text like this is called "camel notation," because the capital letters in the middle of the text are reminiscent of the humps on a camel.

Here is why you should use Upper and Lower cases letters in your web addresses:

  • Using a combination of upper and lower case makes your web address easier to read.
  • The capital letters tip you off as to the beginning of each word embedded within the address.
  • “Easier to read” means easier to remember – which is what you want in all your advertising. The converse to this is also true. If your web address is difficult to read because you have merged words in your address then it will be less memorable, which is not what you want to accomplish in your advertising.


The Rule

In a web address it is perfectly safe to use upper or lower case letters without any worries up to, and including, the “.ie”, ".com" (or ".org", ".net", etc.) portion of the address.  However, any text extending beyond the .com or .ie etc may be case sensitive, so keep this portion lower case e.g. www.DiscoverIrelandOffers.com/rates


What about e-mail addresses?

Email addresses are also not case sensitive.


Join our Crusade

So, we are on a crusade, and you can join it. Please start by using upper and lower case in your own web address names and then SPREAD THE WORD. Remember, not using upper and lower case in your web address "willmakeitfarlessmemorable.com"!