Why Choose Us

Here's why:

1. We have extensive marketing experience, particularly in Tourism, Leisure and Consumer Marketing & B2B Marketing.

2. "A sharper edge" is what defines us. Sharpness is born from a combination of understanding, ability, experience and drive. We are also action-orientated and, while we can "consult and advise", our real strength is in the actual delivery of an outcome - achieving agreed objectives. . . . .........

3. We are SMALL... and it's a badge we wear! Small means so many things including that, when we pitch for business, who you meet will be the person responsible for delivering your project and many of the projects featuring on this website.  and the pjs s,,,

Accolades Marketing - what’s in a name?

When we set up Accolades Marketing in 2005 we choose the name not intending that “Accolades” should ever just be conferred upon us, but that it reflected the "The Accolade" by Edmund Blair Leighton (1901) type of clients we wanted to work with – companies that had real ambition and wanted their products and services to be the very best….and to be “Accoladed” by their customers for this reason.

The history of the word “Accolades” is therefore interesting. People usually have to work hard and “stick their necks out” to earn accolades, and this is as it should be. In tracing the word "accolade" back to its Latin origins, we found that it was formed from the prefix ad ("to") + collum ("neck)," which may bring the word collar to mind. A memory of the original literal meaning is preserved in the use of ‘accolade’ to refer to the ceremonial tapping of a sword on a new knight’s neck and shoulders. 

In the year 1611 'Accolade' put in its first recorded appearance in the Provençal noun acolada, which was borrowed into French as 'accolade' and then made its way into English.  The main current sense ‘a congratulatory expression of approval’ came later, circa 1852, and it is now the recognised word for "praise", "award" or "honour".

Going back to the origin of the word, in centuries past, upon the conferring of knighthood ("the Accolade"), young knights were free to go forward in their quest of adventure for good, with armor on their backs, spurs on their heels, and with sword, shield, and lance ready to hand ...


...at Accolades Marketing, we love working with, and supporting, clients with this same philosophy!